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Beginners’ Cartoon Drawing Tips

You can find numerous ways in which you are able to take to learn cartoon drawing — you can join cartooning class at Jurong East in Singapore, or perhaps take a home training or stick to a guide of a professional cartoonist — the main point here is you need to stick to the methods. Just like you need to initially train yourself drawing Three dimensional shapes, after that learn how to stretch, squash these 3 dimensional shapes inside your drawing. Next, be sure to practice stuff like sketching hands and head prior to moving on to movement and emotion and sophisticated stuff like that.

If this seems like lots of work, you’re correct. But what you accomplish by the end may be worth working for.

1. Don’t begin with computers. Certainly it sounds back-dated. However, I’m not opposing utilization of computer entirely, no rational individual will do that. However for newbies there isn’t any option to using paper and pencil.

You can find numerous software that assist you so much which you can proceed even without having to learn to draw a smooth line. This type of over reliance upon computers from the start often backfires in the future.

2. The majority of the cartoon drawing class always begin with a few fundamental 3 dimensional shapes and after several steps result in a ready-made and beautiful figure. This method is quite good at learning how one can draw complicated figures beginning with basic shapes. But what I am about to let you know can make your rate of learning even quicker. It’s actually really good method of utilizing the same guide. Just a lot more efficient.

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